Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. HELP! I can't sign in!
A. If you have any trouble getting into the system what-so-ever, please let us know immediately. Click here on Support link to send us an email. We will be on the matter ASAP!

Q. Is this service really for free?
A. Our site has "Free", "Little Richard" (trial), "Big Richard" and "Fat Richard" memberships with no obligation to upgrade. There are features that may require you to have a membership status other than "Free". (But most is all free at this time...check it out!)

Q. Is this site for Big Muscle men only?
A. No way! As we do have many huge muscle studs on our site, we are here for EVERYONE! We have many body type categories ranging from Slim, Avg, to Muscle Bear, Bodybuilder (and everything in between) ... ALL are welcome!

Q. How do I make my status show on my profile for others to see?
A. That is easy! On your home page, you will see a "status" section at top right. Simply type in whats on your mind and hit update ... boom! You status is now visible to others. To clear your status, simply leave the box blank and hit update. (please no abuse with this feature like posting websites or abuse towards other members ... in this case we will have to remove this feature from your profile)

Q. Do I have to upload a Pic to become a member?
A. At this time it is not required to upload a pic to join the site, however it is encouraged...I mean who responds to an ad these days without a pic? Increase your chances of meeting a smokin hot STiFF Stud and upload a pic to your profile. You will be glad you did!

Q. How do I add more photos?
A. Expand the My Profile box located on the right side of the screen, select the "My Photo" link. You can also click on the photo icon in the "Add New" box also located on the right. Selecting either will take you to your photos page. Here, click on any one of the empty photo icons on the right of the page. This will let the uploader know that you are ready to upload a photo into that position.

Now click the "Choose file" tab located on the loader. This will direct you to your PC where you can select from your photo library. Once a photo is selected it will upload to the site. The more you upload the better your chances of finding that perfect man.

And by the way, any one of your pics can be selected as the "main profile" pic. Just select the pic you want as the main pic, and click on the (Make "Main" profile pic) link above the picture.

Q. How do I upload or embed video?
A. In the My Profile box located on the right side of the screen, select the "My Video" link. You will be taken to your Video page. Here you can decide if you want to "Embed" or "Upload" video. If you choose to "Upload", fill in the title of the video, a description, select whether or not you want the public to have access or your buds only, then hit the "Choose file" link. This will direct you to your PC database where you can select your own personal video for upload. Once you've selected the file it should come into the site, then hit the "Upload" tab.

To embed a video from say, youtube, go to the desired video on the site that allows you to select embedded code, and copy the code. Come back to STiFFRichards.NET and select the "Embed Code" tab. Enter a title for the video, a description, select whether or not you want the public to have access or your buds only, the paste the copied "embedded" code into the "video player code" area. Then Click Embed.

Q. Can anyone copy my video from this site and play it on another site?
A. NO! What happens on STiFFRichards.NET stays on not worry about anyone taking your video and embedding it on any other site.

Q. Help, I can't view some of the videos!
A. Oh no! We would hate for you to miss out on any of the member posted, steamy HOT videos! Our videos are presented in a Flash format. Sometimes you may need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos. To make sure you have the most current version of flash and to upgrade if needed, please visit this site: Flashbuilder Version Check

Q. Why do I find that some Videos are still posted but say that have been deleted when I try to view them?
A. This does suck ... but since we allow users to embed video from other sites, it is hard for us to keep up with what gets deleted from the other site. If you run across a video like this, please use the "report" feature of the site to report this issue to us. We will then remove the deleted video.

Q. Sometimes when I embed video code it doesn't work.
A. When embedding code from another site, make sure the embed code is not Iframes code ... the new Iframes embed code will not work on our site as it can be a security risk. Please note that we do allow Iframes embed code from works fine from that site.

Q. How can I just see STiFF Studs in my area?
A. There are sevral ways to do this. We recommend creating "saved searches." To create a saved search simply go to the search tab and enter your search criteria, then hit search. (You can select the location here among the broad range of selection criteria.) Once you perform the search, you have the option to save and name that search.

Once it's saved, you will see your "Saved Searches" from your home page and from the Search section. For example, you can have a search for Tops, Muscle Tops, Bear Bottoms, Stiff n Ready...etc. Once your search is saved, just click on that search and got what you want when you want.

Another way to search in your area is to hit the "Neighbors" link. This can be found on your home page as well or under the "Members" section. Once on the neighbors page you can select to see your neighbors by Country, State, City or Zip.

Q. Is there any way to hide my profile temporarily?
A. Yes, on the home page, there is a "Status" section. Within that section there is a link to "Hide Profile". This will hide your profile from the view of other members and from any searches made by other members. You will still have all the access to the site though that your membership allows. To reactivate your profile, simply go to the same "Status" section of your home page and click on "Un-Hide Profile".

Q. Can I make my pics private?
A. Yes, you can do this on your my photos page. When you upload a pic or select an existing photo, there is an option at the bottom of the upload photo area that says "Additional Info". Here you can select for your photo to be public for your buds only or password protected. Public of course is for all to view. My Buds only will allow only those on your buds list to view the photos. Password protected is where you create a password to view the photo. You can then give out the password to whoever you want to see your private pics.

Q. How do I send/receive Instant Messages (IM)?
A. When you see members online now, notice that under the profile picture is a link that says, "Online now (IM)". Clicking this link will open an Instant Messaging window. Now simply type your message to the STiFF Stud you have selected and hit enter or click the "send" button. When a member receives and IM for the first time they will hear the "Purr" sound and notice the sent message pop up on the right hand side panel of the profile window. (In the same area the mail messages indicator pops up) Simply click on the received "message" and the IM window will pop up allowing each member to continue the conversation with their STiFF Stud buddy.

Q. How can I simply show interest in another STiFF Stud without writing an email?
A. Easy, just send that STiFF Stud a STiFFRichards.NET exclusive "Ice Breaker". If you select the members profile and go to that members home page, you will notice options at the top of their being, Send "Ice Breaker". Click that option to see a selection of many, super cool, predefined messages to send that stud and let him know he is stimulating your "Richard" in a BIG way.

Q. How can I see if other STiFF Studs have been viewing my profile?
A. On the member home page there are many informational selections located in the upper left corner of the Welcome section. One of these selections is, "Who viewed me?" Simply select that link and see all profiles that have viewed you in the past month, week or day.

Q. How do I upload a photo from my phone or tablet?
A. There is no way to upload from these devices. If you do not have access to a PC or Mac to upload a photo, send your photo via email to and we will upload a photo for you.

Q. Why does my password look longer when using Remember Me function?
A. We are using a brand new data encryption technique on passwords now that makes it near impossible for someone to hack your account. The longer looking password is actually the encrypted data. Your privacy and security is our main concern.

Q. How do I delete my profile?
A. Click on the My Profile tab. Then select Edit Profile. Scroll to the very bottom and select Unregister Profile. Please keep in mind that this cannot be undone and that all information will be deleted from our system. Also note that if you have purchased an upgraded, recurring membership it will be your responsibility to cancel that membership at No refunds for canceled memberships.